ETH Medals - Distinction of Doctoral Thesis

The Department of Earth Sciences congratulates Jonas Ruh and Zacharias Stelzer. Read more 


Pockmarks on the lake bed


An unusual and unexpected discovery: on the floor of Lake Neuchâtel, geologists have happened upon huge underwater craters – some of the largest in the world to be found in lakes. They are not volcanic in origin, but were caused instead by giant freshwater springs. Read more 


Supercycles in subduction zones

Earth Quakes

When tectonic plates collide, they produce earthquakes like the recent one in Nepal. Researchers at ETH Zurich are providing new ways to explain how and why superquakes occur in zones where one plate moves under another, such as off the coast of Japan. Read more 


29 May 2015, Colloquium

Geophysics Colloquium - Environmental seismology: what can we learn from ambient seismic noise?

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31 May 2015, Guide

Wissenschaftstheorien im Wandel der Zeit - Öffentliche Sonntagsführung

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2 June 2015, Internal

Gesteine bestimmen

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28 June 2015, Guide

Zeitzeugen der Klimageschichte - was urzeitliche Lebewesen erzählen - Öffentliche Sonntagsführung

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5 July 2015, Guide

Vom Feuerball zum blauen Planeten - Öffentliche Sonntagsführung

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8 July 2015, Internal

Gesteine bestimmen

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