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Events in the next 20 days

Date Time Title Speaker Location
Do, 24.04.14 16:15-17:15 IGP Seminar »
Extreme metal enrichment in black shales and Early Cambrian seawater
Prof. Bernd Lehmann (Technical University of Clausthal) NO C6
Fr, 25.04.14 11:45 Institute's Colloquium Geophysics »
Observing and modelling seismic noise
Prof. Eléonore Stutzmann (IPGP) NO C44
Di, 29.04.14 16.15 Engineering Geology Seminar »
Modelling Artificial Ground Freezing Under Consideration of Seepage Flow
Dr. Erich Pimentel (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) NO C6
Di, 06.05.14 16.15 Engineering Geology Seminar »
Thermal-Hydro-Mechanical Coupled Modelling of Permeability and Seismicity
Prof. Derek Elseworth (Penn State University, USA) NO C6
Di, 06.05.14 17:30 Geologic guided tour through Zurich »
Discover on a guided tour through the city center of Zurich what kind of building stones have been used within the last few centuries and how the geology shaped the outline of Zurich.
Dr. Peter Brack (Erdwissenschaftliche Sammlungen, ETH Zürich) focusTerra, Sonneggstr. 5, 8092 Zurich
Di, 06.05.14 17:15-18:15 IGP Seminar »
The pattern of stress distribution in rocks and its impact on foliation, fracture and flow
Dr. Pamela Burnley (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) NO C44
Do, 08.05.14 9:00-17:00 Architecture of the Alps »
The late Swiss geologist and ETH Professor Rudolf Staub developed new principles in the field of Alpine Geology that are still valid today. Who was he? What insights did his scientific work reveal? Travel back in time to the first half of the 20th century and discover how geologists conducted research at that time.
focusTerra focusTerra, Sonneggstr. 5, 8092 Zurich
Fr, 09.05.14 11.45 h Institute's Colloquium Geophysics »
Colloquium is cancelled
Tibor Dunai (Universität Köln) NO C44

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