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Events in the next 20 days

Date Time Title Speaker Location
Mi, 01.10.14 12 h Seminar GFD Group »
3D thermomechanical modelling of corona evolution on Venus
Stefan Brändli (ETHZ / GFD) NO F39
Do, 02.10.14 16:15-17:15 IGP Seminar »
Cosmochemical signatures of lunar origin via giant impact
Dr. Kaveh Pahlevan (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur) ML F34
Do, 02.10.14 11.30 h Special Seminars CSE Group »
Earthquake Source Inversion: Introduction & Theory
Prof. Martin Mai (KAUST) NO D 45
Do, 02.10.14 14.30 h Special Seminar »
Earthquake Source Inversion: Applications & Implications: What can we learn and what should we avoid
Prof. Martin Mai (KAUST) NO D45
Fr, 03.10.14 9.30 h Special Seminar CSE Group »
Earthquake Source Inversion: New developments, challenges, and opportunities
Prof. Martin Mai (KAUST) NO D45
Mo, 06.10.14 17:15 Department seminar »
A new model for forearc evolution: depositionary margins and their impact on the growth of continents.
Paola Vannucchi, University of London NO C 60
Di, 07.10.14 11:00-12:00 SAGE Talk: Deghosting Wavelet Processing »
Ralf Ferber NO D45
Do, 09.10.14 16:15-17:15 IGP Seminar »
The nature's recipe for the most valuable diamonds
Prof. Maya Kopylova and Dr. Evan Smith (University of British Columbia) ML F34
Do, 09.10.14 12 h Seminar GFD Group »
A free surface approach for finite difference flow simulations
Thibault Duretz (Université de Lausanne) NO F39
Mo, 13.10.14 17:15 Department seminar »
The exploration of habitable worlds in the outer solar system with space missions
Athena Coustenis, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon NO C 60
Mo, 20.10.14 17:15 Department seminar »
Oligo-Miocene Extension at Ground Zero in the India-Asia Collision: Response to Rollback of Subducting Indian Continental Lithosphere?
Prof. Peter Decelles, University of Arizona NO C 60

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