ETH Study week at the D-ERDW


How is the natural and man-made environment reflected in Lake Zurich? This question was posed by 17 high school students (16 females and one male) at this year's study week under the guidance of Gregory de Souza.

Students drill a sediment core  
Students drill a sediment core on the lake (Image: Thomas Züger)

How does microscopic algae influence the chemistry of the entire lake? How do lake deposits store information about the climate? How does man influence the lake system? Are these traces visible in the sediments? To find out, samples were first taken from Lake Zurich and then analysed in the laboratory.

Over the course of the week, students were able to experience the interdisciplinary ways of working and the everyday life of an earth scientist. They got to know different measuring methods and information on various occupational fields in earth sciences at ETH Zurich.

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