Major in Mineralogy & Geochemistry

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The structures and properties of earth materials.

D-ERDW - MSc in Earth Sciences - Major in Mineralogy & Geochemistry

Students in Mineralogy & Geochemistry learn to interprete the textures of rocks and minerals, to analyse them with chemical and physical methods, to perform experiments to understand mineral- and rock-forming processes and to use computer tools to simulate geological processes that are either too long, too hot or too deep to be investigated directly.

MSc in Earth Sciences – Major in Mineralogy & Geochemistry
Total 120 ECTS
Required Modules:
3 Modules from Mineralogy & Geochemistry offerings
1 Module from complete offerings of MSc Programme
Elective Courses 30 ECTS
GESS Courses 2 ECTS
MSc Project Definition and MSc Proposal 10 ECTS
Master Thesis 30 ECTS

From the three required modules within the major in Mineralogy and Geochemistry the module Analytical Methods in Earth Sciences is mandatory. Students are obliged to select two out of the four modules:

  • Mineralogy and Petrology
  • Mineral Resources
  • Petrology and Volcanology
  • Geochemistry

A fourth module can be chosen from the all modules of the Master study programme in Earth Sciences.

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