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Master in Earth Sciences

The Master Programme is concluded by means of a thesis and the subject of the thesis is defined in the MSc Project Proposal (651-4060-00). The focus is in the major study area and will represent either an applied or fundamental research project. The Master's thesis is often written in the form of an internationally publishable paper.

If geological mapping or sampling are required, early planning of the project is essential to provide flexibility in scheduling time in the field.

Before starting on the Master's thesis, students must:

  • have obtained their Bachelor degree
  • have fulfilled all additional requirements (if any)
  • have successful completed the MSc Project Proposal

The work will be undertaken with the close involvement of:

  1. Main Supervisor (mandatory)
  2. Co-Referee (mandatory)
  3. Additional Supervisor(s) (optional)

In most cases, the work will be integrated into one of the research groups at the Department of Earth Sciences.

At least one person (main supervisor, co-referee or additional supervisor) must be a Professors/Lecturer of the Department of Earth Sciences or approved by the study delegate. One member of the supervisors must be from outside of the research group.

Students hand in a registration form three weeks before the start of the Master's thesis and must also enroll for the Master's thesis through myStudies.

Please find guidelines and further information on the Documents page.

Master in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

For information about the Master's thesis in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences please visit the Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences website.

Master in Applied Geophysics

For information about the Master's thesis in Applied Geophysics please visit the the Joint Master Programme page on the IDEA League website.

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