GeoPetro seminar

Porphyry copper deposit formation in the context of transcrustal magma systems

3. Juli 2017 | Seminar

The world’s largest porphyry copper deposits (PCD) are associated with relatively oxidised, hydrous, subduction zone magmas. However, not all arc magmas give rise to PCDs. A central question, then, is under what conditions does differentiation of hydrous arc magmas optimise the generation of copper-rich fluids responsible for PCD mineralisation? Are there specific conditions of differentiation depth, redox and initial volatile (H2O, CO2) content that favour generation of Cu-rich fluids? In this seminar I will discuss differentiation of hydrous arc magmas in the context of trans-crustal magmatic mush systems, new data on the partitioning of Cu and Cl between silicate fluids and melts and numerical models of fluid release.

Datum 3. Juli 2017
Referent/in Prof. Jon Blundy, University of Bristol, UK
Fachgebiet Erdwissenschaften
Organisator/in Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology
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