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Geothermal Energy – A Community Effort

How to use the Earth’s interior heat in an economically successful and sustainable way? Switzerland is considering this question in its Energy Strategy 2050, and Europe also sees geothermal energy as a part of the future energy mix. The international project DESTRESS will evaluate methods and feasibility. Read more 


Nine professors appointed at ETH Zurich

Upon application of the President of ETH Zurich, Professor Lino Guzzella, at its meeting of 28/29 September 2016 the ETH Board appointed nine professors and took note of the resignation of 3 professors and thanked them for their services. Read more 


Shining brightly on the European stage

Six young scientists from ETH Zurich are to receive ERC Starting Grants. The European Research Council offers these grants to support talented young researchers as they embark on their academic careers. The selected projects come from several different ETH research areas. Read more 


25 August 2015 - 20 November 2016, Exhibition

BodenSchätzeWerte - Unser Umgang mit Rohstoffen

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1 June 2016 - 31 January 2017, Exhibition

Tambora und das Jahr ohne Sommer - Der Einfluss von Vulkanen auf das Klima

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26 October 2016, Seminar

GFD Seminar - 3D geodynamic models of continental collision with applications to natural examples

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26 October 2016, Seminar

Structural Geology and Tectonics Seminar - The accretion of underfilled foreland basin sediments to the orogenic wedge of the European Alps

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27 October 2016, Talk

Klimarekonstruktionen aus See- und Meeresablagerungen - Vortrag zur Sonderausstellung "Tambora und das Jahr ohne Sommer"

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28 October 2016, Colloquium

Geophysical Colloquium - Seismic modeling and imaging across the scales

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Inaugural, farewell and introductory lectures

4 November 2016, Introductory lecture

Computational Structural Geology - A modern support for field geologists

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