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Open Faculty Positions

The Department of Earth Sciences (D-ERDW) at ETH Zurich invites applications for the below-mentioned positions at the full, associate or assistant professor level.

Professor or Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Climate Geology


Professor or Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Experimental Geochemistry/Mineral Physics


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Treasures from the deep

People are going to ever greater depths to find workable ore deposits. ETH geologist Christoph Heinrich conducts research into how to find these. Read more 


Earthquakes – a serious hazard for Switzerland

After ten years of intensive research, the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) at ETH Zurich has created an updated seismic hazard model, which confirms that earthquakes are a serious hazard for Switzerland. Read more 


“An extra expenditure that paid off!”

Ten years ago, ETH Zurich began collaborating with TU Delft and RWTH Aachen on a trinational Joint Master Programme in Applied Geophysics. We asked Professor of Geophysics Hansruedi Maurer what ETH Zurich has learned from the pioneering project. Read more 


25 August 2015 - 28 February 2016, Exhibition

BodenSchätzeWerte - Unser Umgang mit Rohstoffen

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6 October 2015, Seminar

What's my PhD worth? - Gender equality in science

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7 October 2015, Seminar

Structural Geology and Tectonics Seminar - Contrasting tectonic evolution of correlating continental margins of the South Atlantic (NW Namibia and SE/S Brazil)

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7 October 2015, Talk

Mineralische Rohstoffe: Was bestimmt die Grenzen verantwortungsvoller Nutzung? - Vortrag zur Sonderausstellung "BodenSchätzeWerte"

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9 October 2015, Colloquium

Geophysical Colloquium - Mechanical modeling of microseismicity

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9 October 2015, Seminar

GFD Seminar - Subductionless Archaean continental drift and implications for secular tectonic evolution on Earth

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What's my PhD worth? seminar
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