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Open Faculty Positions

The Department of Earth Sciences (D-ERDW) at ETH Zurich invites applications for the below-mentioned positions at the full, associate or assistant professor level.

Professor or Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Climate Geology


Professor or Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Experimental Geochemistry/Mineral Physics


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The countdown to the quest for gravitational waves is on

Some 100 years ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves in his general theory of relativity. In spite of intense efforts, experimental proof of these waves has so far eluded scientists. The LISA Pathfinder space probe from the European Space Agency ESA aims to change this – with the participation of the Institute of Geophysics at ETH Zurich. Read more 


Plate tectonics thanks to plumes?

It is common knowledge that the Earth's rigid upper layer called lithosphere is composed of moving plates. But just what mechanism first set plate tectonics into motion still remains a mystery. A team of researchers led by ETH professor Taras Gerya has now come up with one possible answer by using simulations. Read more 


SEG 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award

The Department of Earth Sciences congratulates Prof. em. Alan Green and his group (former AUG group). Read more 


25 August 2015 - 28 February 2016, Exhibition

BodenSchätzeWerte - Unser Umgang mit Rohstoffen

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1 December 2015, Panel discussion

What's my PhD worth? - Making research possible

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1 December 2015, Evening Tours

Steinreiche Schweiz - Erdwissenschaftliche Sammlungen

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2 December 2015, Seminar

GFD Seminar - Seismic constraints on global thermo-chemical structure of the Earth's mantle

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2 December 2015, Internal

Gesteine bestimmen

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2 December 2015, Seminar

Optimizing the design of vertical seismic profiling surveys for imaging of geothermal reservoirs

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What's my PhD worth? seminar
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