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European funding for four ETH professors

Four researchers from ETH Zurich have been awarded the prestigious ERC Advanced Grants. Over the next five years, their projects will receive about CHF 12.7 million in funding from the European Research Council. Read more 


ETH Medals - Distinction of Doctoral Thesis

The Department of Earth Sciences congratulates Christoph Püthe and Christian Wirsig. Read more 


Bubbles lead to disaster

Why are volcanologists interested in vapour bubbles? Because they can accumulate in a magma reservoir underneath a volcano, priming it to explode. Researchers at ETH Zurich and Georgia Institute of Technology have now discovered how bubbles are able to accumulate in the magma. Read more 


25 August 2015 - 20 November 2016, Exhibition

BodenSchätzeWerte - Unser Umgang mit Rohstoffen

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3 May 2016, Seminar

Towards a mechanical failure model for degrading permafrost rock slopes

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4 May 2016, Seminar

GFD Seminar - Interior-atmosphere co-evolution: Implications on the stability of the long-term carbon cycle

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4 May 2016, Seminar

Structural Geology and Tectonics Seminar - Deformation patterns and stress distribution within overriding plates during seamount subduction: Numerical modelling

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8 May 2016, Guided tour

Unsichtbare Kräfte: Das Magnetfeld unserer Erde - Öffentliche Sonntagsführung

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11 May 2016, Seminar

GFD Seminar - Thermochemistry and dynamics of Earth's magma ocean(s)

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