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Voyage to the base of the food chain

On the second leg of the journey around the Antarctic, the research vessel Akademik Treshnikov sets out from Tasmania to the frozen edge of Antarctica, before heading on eastwards to Chile. An oceanographer, whose knowledge of the Southern Ocean was previously limited to theory, blogs from on board. Read more 


Tapping into underground urban heat islands

Cities are heat islands – not only above ground but below ground too, and therein lies the enormous potential to better harness this energy through geothermal heat exchangers. A group of researchers demonstrated this in a case study conducted in the city of Zurich. Read more 


Tiny organisms with a massive impact

Although diatoms are incredibly small, they have a significant impact on the dispersal of nutrients and trace elements in global marine waters. This is the conclusion of a study recently published in the scientific journal “Nature Geoscience ”. Read more 

Bibliothek Erdwissenschaften


22 February 2017, Colloquium

On estimating speciation and extinction rates

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23 February 2017, Seminar

GeoPetro seminar - Building the Archaean crust: A (south) African tale

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24 February 2017, Colloquium

Geophysical colloquium - Hydrothermal reactive flow-through experiments and beyond

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27 February 2017, Seminar

GFD / SEG Seminar - Dynamics of Megathrust-Learning from Himalayan earthquakes

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1 March 2017, Internal

Gesteine bestimmen

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1 March 2017, Seminar

Structural Geology and Tectonics Seminar - Pamiri Perspective: Building the Pamir-Tibet Plateau - Crustal Stacking, Gravitational Collapse and Lateral Extrusion forced by deep-seated lithospheric processes

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Inaugural, farewell and introductory lectures

Inaugural, farewell, and introductory lectures are public lectures of ETH Zurich.

Prof. Dr. Heather Stoll

21 March 2017, Inaugural lecture

How has CO2 varied over the last 30 millions years

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Prof. Dr. Nathalie Dubois

22 March 2017, Inaugural lecture

Traces of our past in lake sediments

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