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Master degree graduation ceremony 2016

This year's master degree graduation ceremony took place on November 25. Read more 


How hydropower can deal with sediments

Sediments get deposited in storage lakes and increase the erosion of hydraulic turbines. To keep hydropower plants operational for as long as possible, researchers are developing new methods of monitoring sediments in real time. Read more 


Nuclear power: where to next?

Switzerland’s electricity companies, and in particular the operators of its nuclear power plants, are in poor financial shape. Regardless of the outcome of the Nuclear Withdrawal Initiative, the funding required for dismantling and disposal raises issues of state redistribution. Read more 


1 June 2016 - 31 January 2017, Exhibition

Tambora und das Jahr ohne Sommer - Der Einfluss von Vulkanen auf das Klima

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6 December 2016, Lecture

Escape to Alaska

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7 December 2016, Internal

Gesteine bestimmen

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8 December 2016, Talk

Vulkangefahren: Der Tambora und der grosse Ausbruch von 1815 - Vortrag zur Sonderausstellung "Tambora und das Jahr ohne Sommer"

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9 December 2016, Colloquium

Geophysical colloquium - Due diligence in investigating variations in earthquake size distribution - and why it's worth it

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12 December 2016, Talk

Welche Art Gebirgsbildung lässt sich aus der Entwicklung des Schweizer Molassebeckens erkennen?

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