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for Doctoral Students of D-ERDW

The admission procedure consists of two stages, the provisional and final admission. To initiate the admission procedure, the candidate must have obtained the written agreement of a faculty member to supervise the thesis ( ).

  1. The candidate must register at the rectorate. Registration information
  2. The supervisor reviews the application and the scientific qualifications on the basis of the candidate's dossier. In agreement with the doctoral committee he proposes additional requirements to be met.
  3. The department submits a recommendation of approval (or rejection) together with the additional requirements to the Rector.
  4. The additional requirements must be undertaken by the end of the first year of the doctoral studies at the latest.
  5. Following provisional admission to doctoral studies, the candidate is enrolled at ETH Zurich. The candidate will receive the residence permit only in connection with being enrolled as a doctoral student.
  6. The doctoral student ensures that he/she possesses sound qualifications for postgraduate studies by means of a Research Plan Defense.  Additional information: Proceedings for Research Plan Defence (PDF, 175 KB)
  7. The final admission is granted when the research plan has been approved and the additional admission requirements have been completed.
  8. As a rule, doctoral students are employed as research assistants. The drawing up of an employment contract is an additional process, which is organized by the supervisor's institute.
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