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The below proceedings apply to all doctoral candidates in the Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich.

Please see the detailed regulations for more information:

Legal Collection (Rechtssammlung)

The doctorate is regulated by the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies and the associated Rector's Implementation Provisions. Both documents are published in the Legal Collection of ETH Zurich.

Timetable Research Plan

The Research Plan Defence takes place within 9-12 months after the start of the doctoral studies.

4 weeks before

Timetable Doctoral Examination

12 months before scheduled defence

  • It is recommended to receive authorisation for doctoral examination committee 12 months before scheduled defence. Therefore submit form Application for Approval of Co-examiners (PDF, 2.1 MB) to the study administration and receive approval by Doctoral Committee/Department Conference. The form has to be handed in 10 working days prior to Department Conference. Delays cannot be accepted.

3 months before scheduled defence

30 working days (6 weeks) before scheduled defence

  • Together with your supervisor find a defence chairperson (elected professor of D-ERDW) and provide her/his name to the study administration. Provide a copy of the thesis to supervisor, co-examiners and chair.

12 working days before scheduled defence

  • Register for doctoral exam at the doctoral administration office of the rectorate (hand in prepared form Registration for Doctoral Exam (PDF, 479 KB) and show one copy of your doctoral thesis), receive dissertation number.
  • Submit dissertation number to the study administration.

10 working days before scheduled defence

  • Verify draft of official invitation for your doctoral exam (provided by study administration).
  • Pass your doctoral exam. We wish you good luck!

Within 6 months after defence date

  • Submit final version1 of doctoral thesis (signed and dated by supervisor) to the study administration.
  • Receive approval of doctoral exam by Department Conference.
  • After the Doctoral Graduation Deadline you will receive a provisional confirmation of your doctorate by the doctoral administration office of the rectorate.

Within 6 months after doctoral graduation date

  • Hand in Deposit Copies to the doctoral administration office of the rectorate.

1 The final version only refers to the final content and does not have to follow any formal rules.

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