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The research in the Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology is focused on the geochemistry and petrology of the solid Earth with its magmas and fluids. Other research areas are: cosmochemistry, volcanology, fluid and rock mechanics, mineral physics, surface water and marine geochemistry, mineral resources, among others.

Research Groups and Professors

The Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology is structured into six principal groups each headed by a professorial chair.

Earth Surface Geochemistry

Prof. Derek Vance (Chair)

Fluids and Mineral Resources

Prof. Christoph Heinrich (Chair)
Prof. Thomas Driesner

High Pressure Geology

Prof. Max Schmidt (Chair)
Prof. James Connolly

Magmatic Petrology

Prof. Olivier Bachmann (Chair)
Prof. Gretchen Bernasconi-Green
Prof. Peter Ulmer

Petrology of Lithospheric Processes

Prof. Lucie Tajcmanová (Chair)

Planetary Geochemistry

Prof. Maria Schönbächler (Chair)

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