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Registration and insurance

In addition to being signed up for an excursion in myStudies, an additional registration must be completed on the D-ERDW excursion website.

Health and accident insurance coverage is the responsibility of each participant. Insurance leaflet (please see page 2 for the English version) (PDF, 42 KB)

Excursions and field courses dates 2017

Earth Sciences excursions 2017, German, last updated on 13 December 2016 (PDF, 99 KB)

Compulsory excursions for Bachelor students

  1. Each student must participate in at least 3 days of excursions as part of the Excursions in Dynamic Earth in the 2nd BSc semester (651-3002-01)
  2. As part of the excursions offered in the 4th BSc semester (651-3480-00), a minimum of 3 excursions must be taken (amounting to 5 days in total). Excursions taken in the 5th and 6th semester are counted.
  3. As part of the excursions offered in the 6th BSc semester (651-3680-00), a minimum of 2 excursions must be taken (amounting to 3 days in total).
  4. Excursions within the systems-oriented natural sciences are recognised for Bachelor students of the Department of Earth Sciences.

Excursions for Master students

Recognition of excursions occurs separately for each major; relevant information is available on the Excursions and Field Courses website. Further details can be found in the MSc Study Guide (PDF, 947 KB).

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